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我找到一個網址還不賴, 是語言學術語的glossary的網站

還有我有找到ㄧ篇PDF檔 (剛剛一直打成Ph.D檔 XD) 是有關中文語意的

才短短十頁又很好玩 不過我忘了存檔 我找到會寄給包子再轉寄給大家

話說登入這帳號時 輸入密碼有種莫名的爽感! 密碼真是太符合我想要說的話了 哈哈

What is a referent?


Words are used to represent things and experiences in the real or imagined world. Different words can be used to describe the same thing or experience.


A referent is the concrete object or concept that is designated by a word or expression. A referent is an object, action, state, relationship, or attribute in the referential realm.


Historically, there was only one person called George Washington, the first president of the United States. He can be referred to in a text in many ways, such as

  • the president
  • Mr. Washington
  • he, or even
  • my friend.

Even though there are many ways to talk about him, there is only one referent in the referential realm.





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